Mentoring & Healing services for women who are transitioning through divorce/ sepration or feeling lost stuck, need to reboost their Self Esteem and Confidence, within the powerful and profound techiniques I use, I will support you to feel the best you have ever felt in order for your to build a meaningful life, whether that be a new career, new business, new loving relationship, we will get you to the place you desire to be.

Unlock your potential and

transform your subconscious mind to achieve unwaving confidence, self esteem and self belief, so that you can go after and achieve your ambitious goals!
with me, Sophia.

I am an expert in working with the subconscious mind to help you reprogram it for SUCCESS, so that you can start building the life and business you've always dreamed of.

Are you feeling trapped in the confines of your own thoughts? Are you struggling with the pressures of divorce or seperation, or co parenting which is having a knock on effect to your confidence and self esteem?

Or maybe you are at breaking point in your career and know you want something different from life than what you once originally thought but it feels to scary right now to make that jump and you wouldn't even know where to start? 

Struggling with low self-esteem, fear,  finding it challenging to balance relationships and business success? 

Are you feeling like everything you once known doesn’t seem to be true any more and you are left wondering who you really are and what you really want? 

It’s ok, you You're not alone,  I can help YOU embrace your inner potential  create your road map back to success, removing all your current barriers so that YOU CAN Live to your Fullest Potential & THRIVE.

Where you can bring in more happiness, more fulfillment & ABUNDANCE so that you can start living the life you deserve.

You dont just have to 'survive' in life, this is your opportunity now to make changes within yourself so that you CAN feel fullfilled in your everyday life, you CAN meet a new partner who will treat you right, you CAN move careers, or create a new business.

It all starts by transforming the way you feel from within, which is exactly what I help you with.

Do you want to be be seen, feel deeply appreciated, and

awaken yourself to the abundance of love and joy that life has to offer?

If this sounds like you then embark on this beautiful journey with my FREE gift to you-

Self Love Handbook.

What is Self-Love Coaching & how can it really help me?

Self-love coaching is a transformative journey designed to guide you towards a healthier, more positive relationship with yourself. So that you can attract a healthy relationship with someone new, or create your dream business, or have the confidence to change careers, what ever you desire It all starts by working on YOU first.

Not sure what you really want right now? Just know you need to stop feeling the way you do and create positive changes?

Thats ok too! Together we will figure out what it is you want from life, and work through any current barriers that are stopping you right now from getting there.  

As your dedicated coach/ mentor, I am here to empower you, with my powerful & transformative techniques, that work directly with your subconscious mind, helping you navigate the challenges that are hindering your personal and professional growth. 

Allowing you to truly embrace who you really are, without fears, worries and limitations I will help you overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, low self worth/ self esteem, feelings of inadequacy & support you to build back unshakeable Confidence.

Self love goes beyond how you treat yourself, it compasses your thoughts and feelings, your thoughts and feelings are what control your actions and outcomes in life. I coach you through raising your energy so that you can effortlessly manifest positive outcomes in your life. I help you to get out of the trap of just ‘surviving’ get you reaching your full potential & thriving.

Sound like you? 

You tell yourself everything's okay but ignore how your body feels and what you really feel inside, it's like lying to yourself. You won't be truly happy if you keep ignoring your needs just to get approval from others. You know what's best for you and your way of looking at life matters.

Forget thinking there's something wrong with you. The only problem is not listening to yourself enough. Start paying attention to your own thoughts and feelings. You can be yourself and still be loved. It's time to stop lying to yourself and start being true to you for genuine happiness.


Thrive to success power boost package Special offer

This is a 3 session program ( 1.5 hour sessions ) over a 4 week support period, where you want to achieve a specificate goal or issue that you are currently stuck with right now, and you need help in figuring out the emotional blocks that is preventing you from reaching your goal. 

You will have a clarity session getting clear on the specific goal you want to achieve and together we will discover the REAL root of the block.

The second session will be a transformative healing session, where we work on the root block, session three will be working on the actions you need to take and I will provide you with a tailored action plan to support you.

Blocks I can help you work on and bust:-



Self Sabotage

Fear of Judgement or Failure

Imposter Syndrome

£495 - Payment plans available  

Worthy Women & Thrive Program

This is for deep transformation & inner healing so that you can improve and change all areas of your life and be rid of the self doubt and negative thoughts, and behaviours that are currently blocking you from success & abundance up until now.

Gain back profound Confidence & self esteem, so that you can go onto thrive after divorce/ seperation or challanging set backs.

I will be your mentor throughout 12 transformative weeks, I will be be yourside, and supporting your transition, personal growth, confidence and well being. ( up grade to 6 months support is also avaiable )

The clients I have worked with have felt nothing short but life changing results about how they feel within themselves, which ultimately allows you to create a life you dont even think is possible for you right now! Book a free call with me today to discuss how I can help you.

I also offer a cheperone service to court for clients who are still going through divorce proceedings.

The Benefits of Self-Love Coaching

Confidence Boost:

Develop a deep sense of self-assurance, unlocking your full potential in both personal and business realms.

Mindset Shift:

Break free from self-limiting beliefs, fostering a mindset that propels you towards success and fulfilment.

Balanced Relationships:

Learn to maintain healthy relationships without compromising your professional goals.

Business Success:

Strategically align your personal growth with your business objectives, creating a harmonious and thriving life.

How Coaching Differs from Therapy

While therapy focuses on addressing and healing past traumas and psychological issues, coaching is forward-focused, aiming to enhance your present and future.


Coaching emphasizes taking proactive steps towards achieving your goals, implementing tangible strategies for success.


The coaching process revolves around your aspirations and objectives, tailoring the journey to your unique needs.

Present and Future Focus:

Unlike therapy, which may delve into past experiences, coaching is centered on creating positive change in the present and building a brighter future. We do visit the past as we need to get to the root cause of the limiting beliefs, but this is done in a safe, quick and effective manor, using transformational coaching techniques. We do not hang in the past for long I promise, but it is essential we go there for you to experience the TRUE transformations you desire and are ready for. 


Here's some feedback of the powerful results and shifts my clients felt just after 1 day of using the powerful tools I am able to coach you through.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Let's work together to break free from the constraints holding you back, fostering a life filled with self-love, confidence, so that you can manifest abundance, your desired business goals or even that dream partner. 

Contact Me to schedule your first session and take the first step towards a more vibrant, fulfilling life, to reaching your FULL POTENTIAL 

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